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Types of Facebook Pages – What You Need to Know

Why it’s Important to Pick the Right Types of Facebook Pages


Determining which page category to choose when creating a Facebook business page is a source of confusion for many small business owners. When setup incorrectly the Facebook page can lack information and functionality that would be useful to your fans. On many occasions I’ve seen businesses with an inappropriate page category. Of particular concern is a local business not using a local business page and unfortunately I have seen this time and again. Once you have chosen a page type it can’t be changed, so choose wisely!

To shed light on the ideal Facebook page type for you, I have explained each below.

Facebook Page Types Start with Your Business Goals


The most important part of choosing your page type is to know what your business goals are and how Facebook fits into achieving those goals. Just as placing an ad in a newspaper without a particular campaign goal would be ineffective, creating a fan page in Facebook without a clear strategy is also ineffective. Your business goals and strategy should guide your choice of page type.

Types of Facebook pages

The Six Types of Facebook Pages


  • Brand/Product/Service page – ideal for promoting products, services or brands that do not have a physical location such as Coca-Cola, a particular book, or a freelance massage therapist
  • Community/Opinion page – best for promoting a cause or idea like not buying plastic water bottles, overcoming anxiety and depression, or health advantages of meditation
  • Local Business/Place page – ideal for businesses that conduct business in a particular location such as spas, psychology clinics, or hair salons
  • Celebrity/Public Figure page – works for professionals who promote themselves as their brands such as authors, business consultants, life coaches, or actors (Facebook personal profiles are capped at 5,000 friends so if you are a well-known public figure or are aiming to be one then this is the page for you. Also keep in mind that it is against the Facebook terms of use to “use your personal profile for commercial gain”.)
  • Entertainment page – best for magazines, theatrical performances, concert tours, radio or television shows
  • Company/Organization page – meant for large organizations like Ford, United States Postal Service, or the American Mental Health Counselors Association. This page serves as a place for corporate messages from headquarters. Entertainment page – best for magazines, radio stations, and concert tours


A question we get often is whether to pick a product/service page or a public figure page. Think about your business goals and ask yourself this question, are you more promoting a service that you offer or yourself? If your goal is to promote your massage therapy practice, then a product/service page is more appropriate. If you are building awareness of your business abilities and knowledge to become a speaker on the national circuit, then a public figure page is well-suited.

Multiple Facebook Page Types for One Business


Some companies are best served by multiple Facebook pages. For instance, Ford has several Facebook business pages including a company/organization page (called Ford Motor Company) to deliver messages about corporate concerns, brand pages for each of its brands (like Lincoln), product pages for each of its vehicles (including Ford Mustang or Ford Fusion + Hybrid), and a community page for fans of the brand (called Ford community page). Of course, Ford has a large marketing budget and a team of social media managers to run all of their Facebook pages. The average business generally only needs one page to have an adequate presence on Facebook to achieve business goals.


So pick the page type that’s right for you and your business, and go get connected to your fans and customers on Facebook!

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