Social Media Marketing Plan

What is in a social media marketing plan?

  • Target Quality Customers…eliminate wasted resources by knowing which social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) and communities you should and shouldn’t focus on
  • Branded Social Profiles…we build out your social profiles so that your brand message, content, and profile photo have consistency and impact
  • Timing is Everything…your social media schedule shows you how many,  how often, and at what times of day to post content on social networks
  • Earn Attention and Engage…engage and build your audience with remarkable (not just “Likeable”) content  and social media campaigns,  contests, and promotions
  • Reach out….to target influencers and identify strategic partnership opportunities in the digital space
  • Clicks and Conversions…clear strategies on how to drive sales through using calls-to-action, landing pages, sales copy, etc.
  • Measure Effectiveness… understand why, how, and when to use social media tools for tracking, analyzing and assisting you in effectively managing your strategy



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Social Media to Grow Your Business