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Types of Facebook Pages – What You Need to Know

Why it’s Important to Pick the Right Types of Facebook Pages   Determining which page category to choose when creating a Facebook business page is a source of confusion for many small business owners. When setup incorrectly the Facebook page can lack information and functionality that would be useful to your fans. On many occasions I’ve seen businesses with an inappropriate page category. Of particular concern is a local business […]

How To Create A Facebook Business Page

How To Create A Facebook Business Page Knowing how to create a Facebook business page correctly is essential when promoting your business. The most important part of making your Facebook page for business is selecting the business type that best fits your business (click for detailed description of Facebook page types). Choose wisely! The type of page chosen can’t be changed after the fact. Step By Step Instructions for Creating […]

13 Types of Social Media Platforms and Counting

When I talk to people about social media marketing, the overwhelming majority of people only think about Facebook. They think social media equals Facebook. Although that makes sense given the ubiquity and widespread adoption of this social network, it is NOT the only lemonade stand on the block! Social media has proliferated and evolved into many new shapes and forms and there might be some hidden gems waiting for you […]

5 Reasons Why Google Plus Is Great For Small Business

Find New Customers Many small business owners are asking if they should use Google Plus and my answer is absolutely! I know you are already feeling overwhelmed and spread thin by the proliferation of social media platforms and an ever mounting daily task list, but if growing your business and getting more clients excites you then so should Google Plus. 1. The increasing visibility of Google Plus Larry Page the […]

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