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5 Reasons Why Google Plus Is Great For Small Business

Find New Customers

Many small business owners are asking if they should use Google Plus and my answer is absolutely! I know you are already feeling overwhelmed and spread thin by the proliferation of social media platforms and an ever mounting daily task list, but if growing your business and getting more clients excites you then so should Google Plus.

Google Plus for small business
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1. The increasing visibility of Google Plus

Larry Page the CEO of Google recently announced that Google Plus has 90 million users across the globe, over double the figure from October. The visibility and exposure of Google Plus is skyrocketing with the integration of Gmail & Google Search Plus Your World. Gmail users can easily add friends and colleagues to their circles right in the Gmail interface while Google Search Plus Your World includes your circles’ profiles and posts in the Google Search organic results. Likewise, on January 30th, President Obama is participating in a Google Plus Hangout resulting in big buzz for the platform.

 2. Search engine optimization and marketing

Perhaps the best reason to join Google Plus is SEO rankings. Google is still the name of the game in search and Google Plus improves your search rankings. Many bloggers have even noted that Google indexes and ranks Google Plus pages faster than a blog post. In this world of digital noise being the first to get your message heard is invaluable.

 3. Beat your business competition

You might be thinking: 90 million users on Google Plus verses 800 million Facebook…looks like Facebook is still the winner and I’ll keep waiting to see what happens with Google Plus. To that I say, it’s better to be a bigger fish in a small pond. It’s common knowledge that early adopters of a social media platform have the greatest potential for gaining an audience and employing successful social media marketing campaigns. If you wait until Google Plus has reached full saturation than you have missed a huge opportunity to gain ground on your competitors.

4. Unique content for content marketing

With the same ideas and content being rehashed continuously in social media, Google Plus provides a breath of fresh air. I have found unique ideas and discovered new personalities on Google Plus that would have previously been drowned out. So if you are looking to engage an audience with curated content, Google Plus is a rich resource.

5. The future is bright

Many experts are saying that Google Plus will continue to be integrated with other valuable Google platforms such as Google Places making Google Plus a mobile marketing jackpot. Small local businesses take note! Local search optimization is essential to acquiring new clients.